The Thriving Corals Team

Who teaches at Thriving Corals?


Zuzanna Witek

Hi! My name is Zuzanna, and I teach here at the Thriving Corals Education Center. Please email me if you're looking to use our online course in your classroom so we can provide you with extra materials! If you have any questions about marine biology, feel free to reach out as well. See you in the underwater world!


  • Can I use the marine biology course in my classroom?

    Yes! We encourage all teachers to reach out to us so we can support them and provide them with extra materials to help incorporate the course at their school. The marine biology course also aligns with many biology, environmental studies, and ocean literacy principles/curriculums.

  • Are all courses free?

    Yes, we are committed to providing free education to raise awareness of different issues.

  • What are the main themes of the courses?

    Thriving Corals is an interdisciplinary project, meaning we combine art and science to create a unique learning environment. Our course leaders are passionate individuals and focus on either art or science, but combine it with other subjects.

  • What are some other activities the project is involved in?

    Thriving Corals designs and organizes workshops, exhibitions, and different online media - all focusing on education. How are we unique? We use a 3D model of a coral reef during our lessons.

  • Where can I ask a question?

    Please email us at and the Thriving Corals Team will answer your questions as soon as possible.

  • Are you open for collaborations?

    Yes! We are more than happy to collaborate or get involved in other projects and initiatives. Email us to let us know what you are planning!

  • Do you have a main website?

    Yes, you can read our blog and sign up for our newsletter on our main page. You can also contact us if you would like us to visit your school for an event. Please visit Our social media is also linked at the footer of this page.

  • Is Thriving Corals a bilingual project?

    Yes! We provide materials in both English and Polish. However, most of the time we tend to release courses in English, especially online. We may accommodate different levels of English/Polish proficiency during our workshops, please email us if you have any questions regarding this part of the project.

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